Tere Tatiana, a native of Atlanta, GA, and raised in Statesboro, GA, is an ambitious serial entrepreneur who conquered the challenges of life after being deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, Tere has endured and overcome much adversary to obtain great success. As a serial entrepreneur in Transportation, STEM professional, and Motivational Speaker, she captivates entry-level and advanced entrepreneurs alike. Known for her tenacity, relatability, and professional realness, Tere Tatiana is a sought-after subject matter expert and a beacon for younger generations. With an honors degree in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration, she maintains a 4.0 GPA while pursuing her master’s in science degree. Featured in esteemed publications like FORBES, Black Enterprise, and Yahoo Finance, Tere Tatiana’s versatile career portfolio and unwavering drive make her a true trailblazer; Tatiana plans to use all her successes to help aid in ministry by attending seminary after graduate school.

Today, Tere Tatiana is an affluent public figure that remains unique, original, and authentic even when giving advice to people on how to start their own trucking business, helping women style in their Labeled Blu Collection fits, or picking real estate. Tere’s focus has been educating young women on how to juggle business, personal life, and social media.