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Tere Tatiana is a serial entrepreneur who strives to be an inspiration for all women! Tere is one prominent name who has been helping people increase their income and maintaining their overall mental health. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Statesboro, Georgia she graduated from Claflin University Cumma Sum Laude with a degree in Public Relations.

Since an early age, Tere Tatiana has been an overly ambitious women who learnt how to balance life being a single mother after being deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. During the same time, she got certified in connecting, splicing, and measuring fiber optical cable. Tere has received multiple accolades as a HR professional. It was by far the best decision of the entrepreneur after which she dominated four of her businesses: Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Transportation, Labeled Blu Realty and Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility. Along with being a serial womanenpreneur, she is a also a popular social media influencer. On her social you will find different layers of her personality as she reveals why she is one of the best serial entrepreneurs.

Today, Tere Tatiana is an affluent public figure that remains unique, original, and authentic even when giving advice to people on how to start their own trucking business, helping women style in their Labeled Blu Collection fits, or picking real estate. Tere’s focus has been educating young women on how to juggle business, personal life, and social media.